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Each season is different but can offer great emotions.

Imagine for a second:
wide open spaces, nature all around, prairies, ancient trees, green and fresh water to dive into, plus great historic culture and ancient traditions
Open your eyes and discover how you can experience all that at the Hotel du lac Parc & Residence in Lavarone in Trentino Alto Adige.

Magic Place

Lake Lavarone

Our life takes place around Lake Lavarone, Pearl of the Dolomites, Blue Flag of the Beaches. Its fresh and pure waters flow from the deep ground.
A dive will let you discover the regenerating power of its water, then lie on its shores, and just relax kissed by the sun.

Magic Place


Nature is the dominant energy on the Cimbri Plateau, lush forests and green grasslands will be constant companions of your excursions and adventures on the Alpe.
Enter this place on tiptoes, as a guest and unexpected encounters and breathtaking views will reward you. Here legends come to life!


Trentino Museums

You will have the opportunity of using the Trentino Guest Card, that provides you with advantages in several museums and services throughout Trentino.
Each museum is the custodian of unique treasures, just waiting to be discovered by you!


Summer Sports

For all outdoor sports lovers, the Lavarone Alpe Cimbra plateau will offer you every type of experience, from the most adrenaline to the most relaxing, mountain biking, trekking.


Winter Sports

Winter is magical, everything changes and the territory of Alpe Cimbra gets set for snow activities.
Here you can experience Excursions with snowshoes, Nordic or Alpine skiing, skating and once back to the Hotel du Lac Parc & Residence you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in the Roof Relax Area!